Residential Remodels and Custom Home Construction

Our remodel clients rely on our expertise to seamlessly blend their new designs with their existing structures. We have a great understanding of Seattle’s older housing stock and our experience translates into budget accuracy, efficiency and creative solutions.

Our remodel and custom home clients appreciate our excellent communication, service and attention to detail during all phases of building their “dream home”. We have an excellent team of managers, carpenters and sub contractors that have completed numerous projects together and know how to work well in our team environment.

Project Planning and Feasibility Study Consulting

Clients rely on our expertise in developing smart scope of work breakdowns and preliminary budget planning. Reports can vary from onsite walkthroughs and ballpark pricing discussions, to full detailed estimate reports with line item scope breakdowns. These reports have been used to help with the financial planning a future project, to develop fundraising efforts, or help with a purchase and development decision.

Residential Electrical Services

GT Residential Contracting, LLC is also a licensed electrical shop. From service calls to full remodel wiring or knob and tube replacement, we have licensed electricians that can complete the job.

Custom Cabinet Shop

Shop Cabinets from GT Residential Contracting are built to the highest quality standards around. We offer boutique style custom cabinets with limitless design and configuration options. If we can dream it, we can build it. We also build and deliver one of a kind furniture pieces as requested.

Interior and Exterior Painting

We have a dedicated paint crew that handles all of the paint for our cabinet shop and our remodel/custom home projects. We can also provide stand alone painting services if a client needs just an interior or exterior paint job.

Do you do small projects?

The short answer is YES, we do. However, we only do them as our master schedule allows. We take pride in our work no matter what size the project is and we book our schedule on a first come first serve basis. There will often be a small project or two worked in among our larger remodels. Typically, projects below $20,000 are referred out but not always. Your best bet is to call and see if we are available.

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